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Homage to Heritage

20 Aug 2017 - 31 Aug 2017


Location: Ground Floor

Homage to Heritage

Amdavadis share a big part of the traditional dignity of India, especially since the declaration of Ahmedabad as India’s 1st World Heritage City by UNESCO. Besides being an axis of some of the country’s finest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture and Hindu Muslim art, the city has stood as a memorial of India’s freedom struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi. Moreover, the peaceful co-existence of dominant Hindu, Islamic and Jain communities over the years in the Walled City area epitomizes the United Nation’s objective of sustainable development as it accelerates in its development. Ahmedabad One is all set to pay a tribute to this city of havelis, by organizing a display of life sized replicas of some of Ahmedabad’s most iconic structures, such as Manek Burj, Julta Minar, Chabutara and Ellis-bridge within the premises of the venue. The structures will be accompanied with display boards containing stories surrounding the structures. The display will precede the 70th Independence Day of India, i.e., from August 13. The Icons of City’s Pride: The life sized replicas erected within the premises will be a reminder of Ahmedabad’s signature architectural style, and will renew the sense of cultural identity among the youth, thereby fostering a feeling of patriotism. Along with the Independence Day celebrations, the display will be a grand celebration of the declaration of Ahmedabad as India’s 1st World Heritage City by UNESCO. The event will bring to the fore some amazing stories related to the construction of these buildings. Tracing the rich lineage of the city’s history in this way will enable patrons to connect to their shared past, and feel proud by it.

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